AdWords Editor Error Number: 211

Added some new AdGroups and Keywords to one of my AdWords Campaigns today and when trying to upload them kept getting the error:

Post changes encountered a fatal error
AdWords Editor received an error from AdWords that it does not recognize. This probably means that the version of AdWords Editor that you are running is out-of-date; please check to see if a new version is now available.
(Error number: 211)

Looking around I found the following Google Help Document what said it was due to attempting to make changes to a campaign that has features that are currently not supported by AdWords Editor (Website Optimizer experiments for example). When Editor encounters an unsupported feature, it “assumes” the problem is that it’s out of date and needs to be upgraded.

To fix this I needed to find out what campaign was causing the problem and then what feature that was set to reverse.

In AdWords Editor I uploaded each campaign one by one until I found the rogue campaign. I then took a look at it in the Web Interface and found that In Bidding and budget I was using Focus on conversions (Conversion Optimiser) and using the Target CPA option.

I simply changed this to Max CPA and tried uploading again, this all worked perfectly, I was then able to go back into the Web Interface and change it back to Target CPA.

Bidding and budget